Terry Watanabe is Mia's brother. Working to get into med school, he also spends some of his time as a guitarist for the band "The Rebel Rockers". Back when he and Mia were younger they were going to be in the "best band in the world". However as they grew up and Mia took on Ranger duties, Terry was left to his music by himself.

Terry invited Mia to sing with him at a concert He Ain't Heavy Metal, He's My Brother and invited the Rangers to watch as well. However they had an argument as Mia believed it'd be easier for him to get into med school than be a rockstar. Terry left disappointed his sister wouldn't help him, but found a singer in Antonio instead. When Mia learned from a poster that two strange men (Bulk and Spike) gave her as an invitation that the concert was actually for charity, she joined her brother and Antonio in the concert.