Spike Skullovitch is a character in Power Rangers Samurai. He lives with his "uncle" Farkas "Bulk" Bulkmeier. He is the son of Eugene "Skull" Skullovitch (who was Bulk's best friend back in the day) and the two see each other as brothers, which is probably why Spike refers to Bulk as "Uncle Bulk"). In "Origins" Spike arrives from the bus to stay his "uncle" Bulk, just so Bulk can take care of him for Skull. As he steps out of the bus Bulk says he will train him to be a Samurai.

Later in "Runaway Spike", Spike apllies for 4 jobs, just so he can get enough money so he can pay the money he and his uncle owes for their house.

In "The Strange Case of Munchies" Bulk and Spike enters the Shiba House to return Mia's wallet. Instead they train to become Samurais until the end of the episode they return Mia's wallet.

Later in "Samurai Forever" his father Skull comes to pick up Spike and thank Bulk for taking care of him.