Power Rangers RPM is the seventeenth installment in the American children's television series Power Rangers. As with all previous Power Rangers series, RPM uses footage, costumes, and other props from the Super Sentai Series, in this case, from Engine Sentai Go-onger. With the re-branding of Jetix to Disney XD, all Power Rangers shows were dropped from the channel in the United States and RPM was only broadcast during the ABC Kids block on ABC stations. It was also the last original Power Rangers series produced by Disney and Renaissance-Atlantic Entertainment before the franchise was re-acquired by Haim Saban and his company Saban Capital Group. RPM has a much more mature tone and darker tone in comparison to some past seasons of Power Rangers as well as including several death scenes.


An AI computer virus called Venjix takes over all of the Earth's computers, rendering all communication useless while creating an army of robot droids to try to destroy virtually every city in the world. Humanity's last known safe and stable city became the domed metropolis of Corinth. Surrounded by Venjix's forces and a force field, it is nearly impossible to enter without luck or firepower. When the force field is lowered to allow surviving humans into the sanctuary, Doctor K's RPM Power Rangers fight Venjix's forces to protect Corinth from being destroyed.


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1 The Road to Corinth
2 Fade to Black
3 Rain
4 Go for the Green
5 Handshake
6 Ranger Green
7 Ranger Red
8 Ranger Yellow Part 1
9 Ranger Yellow Part 2
10 Ranger Blue
11 Doctor K
12 Blitz
13 Brother's Keeper
14 Embodied
15 Ghosts
16 In or Out
17 Prisoners
18 Belly of the Beast
19 Three's a Crowd
20 Heroes Among Us
21 Not So Simple
22 The Dome Dolls
23 And... Action
24 Ancient History
25 Key to the Past
26 Beyond a Doubt
27 Control-Alt-Delete
28 Run Ziggy Run
29 If Venjix Won
30 End Game
31 Danger and Destiny Part 1
32 Danger and Destiny Part 2