The Papyrox are giant kirigami-based monsters created by Serrator, who carves out their shapes from a piece of paper. The Papyrox are considered to be stronger than the Moogers and the Spitfangs. Some versions of the Papyrox wield double-bladed swords while others have blade-like hands.

The first Papyrox appears in "Something Fishy" where Serrator carves out its shape from a piece of paper. It proceeds to attack the Rangers until Jayden transforms into his Super Samurai form and forms the Battlewing Megazord while the others fight Serrator. Papyrox breaks the Battlewing Megazord back into the Samurai Megazord and starts to overwhelm it. After Serrator retreats, Antonio summons the Lightzord to help fight Papyrox. The Light Megazord uses its Blazing Strike attack on it enough to stall Papyrox for it to do a Spinning Attack on Papyrox. The Light Megazord uses its Battle Disk Attack and Scatter Shot Attack to destroy Papyrox.

In "He Ain't Heavy Metal, He's My Brother", Serrator creates another Papyrox which is now accompanied by some giant Moogers and some giant Spitfangs. The Samurai Rangers form the Samurai Megazord while Jayden operates the Bull Megazord and Antonio summons the Claw Battlezord East. The three Megazords combine their Revolving Laser Blast, Samurai Strike, and Claw to Shreds Finisher to destroy Papyrox, the giant Moogers, and the giant Spitfangs.

In "Trust Me", Serrator unleashes another Papyrox with two Spitfangs to fight the Rangers following Maldan's defeat. After destroying the two Spitfangs, the Rangers form the Samurai Gigazord, which uses its Shogun Strike to destroy Papyrox.

In "´Stroke of Fate," Serrator summons two Papyrox to help him fight Samurai Megazord, the Claw Armor Megazord, and the Bull Megazord. The two Papyrox are destroyed by the Samurai Megazord and the Claw Armor Megazord.

it is unknown if serrator can create human-sized papyroxes or if they existed before modern day.

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