Octoroo is an elderly squid-headed figure with a staff who is one of Master Xandred's two followers. He is usually reading old books, mixing Master Xandred's medicine, or checking the water level of the river. Everyone including Master Xandred calls him "Noodle-Face." Despite his small form, he is powerful enough to take on the Gold Ranger. He also seems to be highly skilled in black magic and a gifted potioneer, as he is easily able to poison the Red Ranger singlehandedly. He is extremely loyal to Master Xandred. Octoroo also has a habit of yelling out "Ooh, Ah, Ooh!" whenever possible.

In "Fight Fire with Fire," Dayu and Octoroo send Fiera to help take down the Red Ranger and Octoroo give her Fire Flashers in order to fight fire with fire. Dayu and Octoroo were surprised that the Fire Flashers didn't fully consume Jayden and suspect that Jayden isn't the head of the Shiba Clan.

In the episode "The Great Duel" Octoroo gave half of his life source to Gigertox to prepare him for battle.

In "Samurai Forever", Octoroo is seen on Xandred's ship as it sinks into the Sanzu River following Xandred's destruction. his ultimate fate is unknown.