Negatron is a Nighlok who uses insults (and in giant size a sword) as a weapon. He has three eyes: one on the bottom left, one on the bottom right, and one above them in the center. Emily is the only one unaffected by his insults. He is defeated by Jayden's Cannon Blast and then destroyed by the Beetle Blaster Megazord.[4] In "Party Monsters," Negatron appears at a Halloween Party at a club in the Nighlok Heaven and recaps his battle with the Rangers to the other Nighloks. During the party, he had a Mooger take away the Candy Worms and replace them with real worms.


  • Able to read others to use insults against them and cause them to go flying
  • Super movement
  • Three-Eyed Zappazoid (blast from his three eyes on his back)

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