Mia Watanabe

Mia Watanabe is a strong-willed girl who acts as the big sister to the team. She loves children and worked at a orphanage prior to becoming the Pink Samurai Ranger. Though she is a terrible cook (none of the Rangers can stomach her cooking save for Lauren), Mia tries her best in order to achieve her dreams. Mia's maturity and optimism brings the team together and comforts any one of them that's feeling down. She also acts as an idol to Emily, who wants to be more like her.

It is later revealed that she has a brother named Terrence who she calls Terry for short, and also that she is a singer. She was somewhat sympathetic towards Dayu after she witnessed the tragic events that befell Dayu but then later develops a strong hatred of her after Dayu attacked Emily while Mia was trying to reason with her.

As the Pink Ranger, she is the Samurai of Sky and her personal weapon is the Sky Fan. She pilots the Turtle Folding Zord.

The Turtle Disk allows her to use her signature move "Air Wave."

She can use the Black Box to access her Super Mode or the Shark Disk to access Shark Attack Mode. When piloting a zord she morphs into her Megamode form. She will morph into Super Mega Mode or Mega Shark Mode if she was in Super Mode or Shark Attack Mode, prior to morphing. Using the Shogun Buckle, she can access Shogun Mode.