Lauren Shiba

Lauren is Jayden's older sister and the true 18th leader of the Samurai Power Rangers. As the head of the Shiba House, Lauren is the actual Ranger who can master the special Sealing Symbol, passed down from previous generations and thus has a much stronger fire power. Because of this, she stayed in hiding while Jayden took her place to draw the Nighloks attention away from her. When she finally masters the Sealing Symbol that can defeat Master Xandred, she returns to the team.

She is kind and friendly to others, and a bit more open unlike Jayden. She cares deeply for her younger brother and was saddened by his departure from the team like the other Rangers. She is the only Ranger who enjoys Mia's cooking, much to the other Rangers' amazement.

As the true Red Ranger, she possesses all the same weapons and powers as Jayden. She pilots the Lion Folding Zord as well as all of Jayden's other Zords.

Lauren uses the older version of the Samuraizer (originaly her father's) which has a brush mode for writing Kanji as opposed to the modern versions which have LEDs instead.