Kevin is a young man who gave up his dream of swimming in the Olympics to become the Blue Samurai Ranger. Due to his strict upbringing, he is extremely enthusiastic and takes his ranger duties seriously. His fierce loyalty and enthusiasm brings much comic relief. He lives a very disciplined lifestyle and is never late due to his self-planned daily training schedule. Kevin is also the engineer behind many of the Samurai Combinations, having figured out how to combine the Samurai Battlewing with the Megazord. He was initially unreceptive towards Antonio, as he felt Antonio was not a true Samurai and was "just goofing around" but after seeing Antonio's dedication, he finally accepted him as a true Samurai.

Kevin is the closest in terms of skill to Jayden. As such Kevin is typically the one to lead the other Rangers in Jayden's absence. He also appreciates Mike's creativity, however the Green Ranger's lazy nature tends to annoy him. Nevertheless, the two of them work well as a team.

As the Blue Ranger, he is the Samurai of Water and his personal weapon is the Hydro Bow. He pilots the Dragon Folding Zord and the Swordfish Zord.

The Dragon Disk allows him to use his signature move "Dragon Splash". He can also use the Swordfish Disk with his Hydro Bow to fire a special healing mist.

He can use the Black Box to access his Super Mode or the Shark Disk to access Shark Attack Mode. When piloting a zord he morphs into his Megamode form. He will morph into Super Mega Mode or Mega Shark Mode if he was in Super Mode or Shark Attack mode prior to morphing. Using the Shogun Buckle he can access Shogun Mode.