Power Rangers Samurai & Power Rangers Super SamuraiEdit

Bulk (18th)

Many years after Wild Force, Bulk (without Skull) returns, with his nephew, Spike (who is Skull's son), in order to teach him the way of the Samurai. Once again it isn't explained how Bulk returned from Mirinoi, but like with Forever Red, he is likely there for the fans' enjoyment. In "Runaway Spike" both Spike and Bulk had to pay the money they owe for their house, making Spike apply for 4 jobs only to get fired from them. In "The Strange Case of Munchies" Bulk and Spike goes to the Shiba House to return Mia's wallet, but both of them claims that they want to train to be Samurais. At the end of that episode they return Mia's wallet. Later in "Samurai Forever" Skull arrives to pick up his son Spike.