Epoxar is a Nighlok. He is able to shoot a special glue from his shoulder which remains sticky unless if Epoxar is destroyed. He can also shoot beams from his eyes and wields a fork-like weapon. He first appears to attack the city where he ends up attacking the Rangers. Mike and Kevin try to double-team him only for Expoxar to glue their hands together. Antonio arrives and attacks Epoxar enough for him to retreat. Epoxar is scolded by Master Xandred for retreating only for Serrator to intervene telling them that two of the Rangers are in a "sticky situation." Octoroo then tells Epoxar to stick some humans together in order to draw the other Rangers to him. He starts by using his glue on Bulk and Spike. Epoxar continues his attack on the city. Epoxar completes his Ranger Trap as the other Rangers head to where Epoxar is. The Rangers end up chasing Epoxar into his Ranger Trap and then quickens the paste so that they won't be able to stop him from destroying the city. Mike and Kevin had to get in synch in order to fight Epoxar starting with them throwing a shopping cart to protect some people from the glue attack. Mike and Kevin use their attacks in double mode until they use the Forest Spear and Hydro Bow to take down Epoxar which undoes the glue he did on everyone. Epoxar then grows as the Rangers arrive with the Bull Megazord, the Claw Battlezord North, and the Lightzord. The Bullzord counters Epoxar's glue attack as the Claw Battlezord North uses it's Octospear. The Bullzord uses the Revolving Laser Blaster to destroy Epoxar. In "A Crack In The World," it was revealed he was involved in Serrator's plot.


  • Glue blasting
  • energy blasting