A skull-faced Nighlok who can make duplicates of himself. He can also wield a sword and shoot shadow balls. Duplicator was sent to Earth by Serrator to cause misery. Duplicator arrives at the Norway Factory where he scares off the workers. The Rangers fight Duplicator who makes duplicates of himself that end up fighting the Rangers. The Rangers ends up having a hard time determining which of the clones is the real Duplicator. After knocking down the Rangers, Duplicator retreats due to him drying up. The Rangers suspect that Duplicator's clones don't cast reflections and plan to use the Lightzord to enable them to find the real Duplicator. After replenishing himself, Duplicator attacks the city at night. The Rangers charge up the Lightzord as they fight Duplicator. Duplicator makes his clones to attack the Rangers until the Lightzord is fully charged. When Lightzord is fully charged, it shines enough light to give away the real Duplicator as Antonio breaks his sword and takes him down with his Blazing Strike. Mia assumes her Super Samurai Mode and defeats Duplicator with the Super Air Wave attack. Duplicator then grows and the Rangers form the Claw Armor Megazord as well as summoning the Light Megazord. The Light Megazord uses its jabs while the Claw Armor Megazord uses its Double Katana Strike attack. When Duplicator makes duplicates of himself, the Light Megazord uses its Double Disk Scatter Shot to destroy the duplicates as the Claw Armor Megazord uses the Samurai Battle Cannon to destroy Duplicator. He can make millions of himself. His face is like a skeleton. He is one of Serretor's monsters. In the game at nicktoons, Duplicators name was actually Dorbukara. He has shadows of himself. In "A Crack In The World," it was revealed he was involved in Serrator's plot.


  • Able to duplicate mirror-images of himself
  • blasting