Desperaino is an umbrella-like Nighlok who wields an umbrella that summons rain (which can cause the loss of hope) and unfolds his head like an umbrella to fly. On Desperaino's first attack, he overwhelms the Rangers with his ability to fly. He later retreats after Mike's failure to unlock the power of the Beetle Disk. He returns and overwhelms the Rangers again until Mike shows up. Mike use his Forest Spear to fly up with Desperaino. Desperaino is defeated by the Green Ranger’s Spin Sword – Tree Symbol Strike. Desperaino grows giant and the Rangers form the Samurai Megazord. He overwhelms the Rangers by utilizing his ability to fly. The Rangers form the Samurai Battlewing, in which the Beetle Zord is given to Mike. The Rangers manage to destroy his umbrella, and Desperaino met his end by the Samurai Battlewing’s Charging Slash finisher. In "Party Monsters," Desperaino appears at a Halloween Party at a club in the Nighlok Heaven and recaps his battle with the Rangers to the other Nighloks.


  • Rain of sorrow
  • Blast from staff
  • Flight