Armadeevil is a rat-faced Nighlok with a hard snail-like shell. His existence was unknown to Master Xandred before he came to the ship and offered his services (he might have been sent by serrator.). He merrily goes on a rampage, and the Samurai Rangers are unable to cause him any damage due to his armor plating. They are only granted a reprieve by his need to rehydrate. When he returns, they are able to weaken his shell by first tricking him into crashing into a rock wall and then by super-heating it and quickly dousing it with cold water afterward to induce thermal shock. Armadeevil is then destroyed by the Blue Ranger/Super Samurai Mode's Super Spin Sword Slash Finsher. He grows large and the Rangers form the Samurai Megazord. Afterwards, the Samurai Megazord is able to use its Samurai Strike Finisher on Armadeevil. After Armadeevil withstands the Samurai Strike, the Rangers repeat their strategy against his giant size. The Rangers use the Beetle Blaster, Swordfish Fencer, and the Tiger Drill Megazord configurations but to no avail. The Rangers use the Claw Armor Megazord Formation and use its Double Katana Strike Finisher, but even this is unable to damage Armadeevil. This forces the Rangers to resort to the artillery cannon which finally destroys Armadeevil.


  • Shell form
  • blast from mouth