Antonio Garcia

Antonio Garcia is a fisherman and the tech wizard of the group. He happened to be a childhood friend of Jayden, training alongside him and receiving the Octozord from him and making a promise to aid him as a Samurai. He is considered to be Jayden's opposite, being hyperactive and expressive as Jayden is reserved and stoic. He is the only Ranger who is not of Samurai descent.

With his technological skills he created his own Morpher out of a trashed cellphone and by reverse engineering the Octozord. He also developed a way to channel symbol power through texting on his Morpher which allowed him to communicate with the Octozord. He is a very skilled cook, primarily with sea food, and will regularly prepare meals for the team. He is also shown to be a very skilled singer and guitar player.

When Antonio first appears he saves the other Rangers from the Nighlok Vulpes. In the subsequent episode he explains his past and his intent to join the team. However, Ji initially refuses to let Antonio join on the grounds that he lacks the proper training and discipline, and Jayden sides with this decision out of concern for Antonio's safety. However, when the Rangers are completely overpowered by the Nighlok Steeleto, they reconsider and allow Antonio to join. After joining the team he used his tech skills he to repair the Claw Zord and unlock both the Black Box and The Light Zord.

As the Gold Ranger, he is the Samurai of Light and his personal weapon is the Barracuda Blade (a wakizashi that he uses in his high speed slash attacks, reminiscent of Iaido).

The Barracuda Blade's special attack is the "Barracuda Bite", which slashes an enemy multiple times with energy strikes at incredible speeds.

He pilots the Octo Zord and the Claw Zord. He also controls the Light Zord as his secondary weapon which can be also be enlarged to fight along side the Megazord. The Light Zord's Signature move is the "Scattershot."